The Text4Science Project

The Text4Science project is related to the international sms4science project coordinated by the CENTAL, a research center of the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium), which is involved in a number of other projects, mostly in the area of natural language processing; for more information, please visit this page.

In recent years, communication via SMS (text message) has become a social phenomenon. Many scientific studies (in linguistics, sociology, anthropology, psychology, communication etc.) have looked into this new medium, but their conclusions remain partial and incomplete. Indeed, researchers lack access to large databases (corpora) that offer enough genuine material for extensive studies.

The aim of sms4science is to contribute to the understanding of the language used in SMS messages. In order to reach this goal, researchers from various countries are joining forces to undertake the building of a larger corpus of SMS messages for scientific research.

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Did you know?

text4science is part of a larger project called sms4science. The aim of this international project is to collect SMS corpora from all over the world.  

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