Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to be a client of a specific service provider to participate to this study?

NO, everyone can participate without any consideration to who your provider is. The number 202202 is available for all Canadians.

Usual fees (it could be free, it depends on your individual plan) apply when you send text messages. It should be noted, however, that Wind are the only provider we know of at this time who does not include the Text4Science number in their Canada-wide packages.


How can we participate?

Piece of cake! Select some messages that YOU have sent in the memory of your phone and send them to  202202 (usual fees will apply).


Will my name appear anywhere?

NO. ALL personal information will be removed from every message received, including names, phone numbers, etc. In addition, no names will ever appear in any scientific publication.


Are there any prizes to win?

YES! If eligible, your name will be entered into a draw for small prizes such as IPod Shuffles, USB cards and movie passes for instance. In order to be eligible, you need to send us messages and fill out the questionnaire which is essential to our linguistic analyses.


My text messages are not that interesting. Are you sure you want them?

YES! We are interested in ALL messages. We are NOT looking for the shortest, best or more poetic messages. Our goal is to understand how people communicate using text messages and we need all authentic messages to do so.


Which messages do you want?

All messages that you have written and that are still in your phone’s memory are interesting to us. These messages should be usual messages you produce every day, as long as they have been written by YOU.


Can I send messages I have received?

NO!  You must be the author of the messages you send us; this is a legal issue.


I have not kept any message in my phone’s memory. Can I write you one and sent it to you?

NO. This study will run for several months however and you will have lots of time to send us messages you will write if you use text messages on a regular basis.


Is it a problem if there are names and phone numbers in the messages I send you?

NO.  All personal information such as phone numbers and personal names will be removed before these messages are examined by researchers.


Can I ask you to withdraw my messages from this study?

YES. Please contact one of the main investigators by email: Dr. Patrick Drouin ( or by phone 514 343-7174), Dr. Christian Guilbault ( or by phone 778-782-6783).

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Did you know?

text4science is part of a larger project called sms4science. The aim of this international project is to collect SMS corpora from all over the world.  

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